May 28, 2023
By The Grace of G-d
“We bring good things to Jewish life.”
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We believe that these first years of education are the most crucial in your child's life. We provide a warm and safe environment that nurtures...
Chabad's Services are warm and welcoming making everyone feel at home. The prayer book is bi-lingual and various English readings are...

Welcome to Chabad of Augusta, Georgia.

Chabad is a place where every Jew is family. Every Jew is welcome. Jewish Children feel at home. Click here for What to Expect at Chabad.

We provide state of the art youth programs such as our Sunday / Hebrew School, Preschool program, Shul – Synagogue – services, adult education, holiday programming and much more. You can order kosher food and a kosher mikva is available in our community.

At Chabad there are no membership dues. Every Jew belongs. Feel free to join rabbi, rebbitzin, and the rest of our community to see for yourself. Chabad is just a great place to make and meet new friends. To support our work click here.

Our unique approach and unconditional acceptance of every Jew has created a dynamic and flourishing Jewish community. We are constantly expanding our programs and services and we invite you to join us at any time. Click here for more about us.

Chabad Jewish Center, future home, 3924 Old Furys Ferry Rd. Martinez, GA 30907. To read more about this area, click here. Please use this address for snail mail.

All are welcome at our synagogue (temple) regardless of affiliation, background, or level of observance.