May 23, 2019
By The Grace of G-d
“We bring good things to Jewish life.”
Purim Basket Local and IDF


Beautiful Purim Gift Baskets - filled with HamanTashen and other goodies - are once again available. 

1) Send within local community. 2) Send to IDF soldiers currently serving.  2) Purchase a Purim Gift.  Click here to chose. Or continue reading below for details


This year Purim is celebrated on Wednesday, March 20 and continues through nightfall of Thursday, March 21.

One very special mitzvah of Purim is to send kosher food gifts (Mishloach Manot) to our neighbors, friends and family members *.

This year we are once again offering the opportunity for you to send Purim gifts (Mishloach Manot) to local families and at the same time help support Chabad Hebrew School.

The Purim baskets are beautifully designed, and are filled with high quality “goodies”, including many delicious hamantashen…

Purim gifts will be hand delivered locally during the week of March 17.

Pick from these options.

1) Send Purim gift to entire list** for a flat donation of $150. (See bottom of page for info about the list.)  If recipients have been selected by multiple donors, they will receive one Mishloach Manot gift signed with the names of all the donors).

2) Send a Purim gift to only some individuals on the list. You may choose up to 7 people from the list for flat rate of $49. Scroll down to see more about this list.  (If the recipients you selected were also selected by others, they will receive one Mishloach Manot gift signed with the names of all the donors).

3) Additional Purim Gifts: You may also purchase outright a purim package for you to do with as you please. They will be available for pick it up from our office during the week of March 17. Purim gifts are $18 each . (This is subject to availability. We will let you know after you submit an order.)

4) Baskets for Israeli Soldiers; For an $18 donation we will arrange for a Purim basket to be sent to an IDF soldier currently serving in the Israeli Armed Services, you name and good wished will be attached.

Thank you for building friendships and community and thank you for supporting Chabad!

Deadline: the deadline to join is Friday, March 15.

Click here to place your order.

To order, or if you have any questions, please click here call 706.722.7659.

Rabbi Zalman & Chani Fischer

**To see the current list please click here . (Note about this list: This list is compiled based on previous years participation and on geographic location. If you would like to send a gift to someone LOCALLY who is not on this list, please check with us if we are able to add to the list.)

* To fulfill this mitzvah in the best possible way, you should also give a gift of food to another person on Purim day itself – Thursday, March 21 during day time.