May 28, 2023
By The Grace of G-d
“We bring good things to Jewish life.”

Our Vision

Vision    Imagine a community where people come to experience Judaism together, to connect with each other, to study together, to pray together, and to support one another. Imagine a community that offers love and warmth, that fosters a sense of belonging, and that has a sense of shared history and common destiny. Imagine a community...
With the goal of finding an attractive area in the CSRA where Chabad should make it's permanent home, the Martinez / Evans area was identified as an ideal location.

We are located in the heart of Martinez near the border of Evans in Columbia County, GA (Richmond County is about 2 miles south).

A beautiful and attractive area that offers both, affordable housing and higher end homes - within walking distance to shul - to enable those who wish to walk on Shabbos and yom tov. Click here to read more about the area. The area also ranks in the top 100 places to live in American. Click here to read more.